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  1. International Shipping: We specialize in shipping from the USA and Europe to Kenya, providing reliable and efficient transportation of goods across borders. Whether you need to import products for your business or receive personal shipments, our global shipping network ensures timely delivery and secure handling of your cargo.

  2. Export Services:  As a trusted logistics partner, we enable Kenyan businesses to expand their reach globally. Our export services facilitate the seamless shipment of goods from Kenya to anywhere in the world, connecting you to international markets and customers.

  3. Packaging Optimization: Proper packaging is crucial to ensure the safe transport of goods. Our experts analyze your products and offer customized packaging solutions to minimize the risk of damage during transit. By optimizing packaging, we help you save costs and ensure your shipments arrive in pristine condition.

  4. Materials Sourcing Management: Managing materials sourcing can be a complex process for businesses. At Kenzon Cargo, we streamline this aspect of your supply chain by handling the sourcing of materials from various suppliers. Our efficient approach reduces production delays and ensures a smooth supply chain for your business operations.

These services represent our commitment to providing comprehensive logistics solutions that cater to your specific needs. From efficient international shipping and export services to optimizing packaging and managing materials sourcing, we are your trusted partner in global logistics.

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  1. Experience & Global Reach: 20+ years in logistics with worldwide connections.

  2. Personalized Solutions: Tailored services to match your needs.

  3. Reliable & Sustainable: Timely delivery with eco-conscious practices.

  4. Exceptional Support: Dedicated team for prompt assistance.
  5. Competitive Pricing: Cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

  6. Secure Warehousing: State-of-the-art facilities for safe storage of your goods.